NURI Family Box

€62,90 EUR

Hey mama,

We understand that the postpartum period is one of the most magical yet demanding phases in a mother's life. That's why we aim to provide you and your family with healthy and delicious meals that even the littlest family members will love.

No more planning, shopping, or compromising with unhealthy alternatives. Our dishes are ready to serve in just minutes and remain fresh for several weeks, thanks to their gentle preparation. We exclusively use regional ingredients, without preservatives and without sugar.

Our dishes are built on the six NURI MOM pillars:

vegan, gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, alkaline, and lactation-supportive.

The NURI Family BOX includes:

  • NURI MOM Borscht (1000ml)
  • NURI MOM Energy Ball Base (200g)
  • NURI MOM Porridge (200g)
  • NURI MOM Tonic (500ml)
  • NURI MOM Bolognese (1000ml)
  • We recommend pairing it with your favorite pasta, such as gluten-free or lentil and chickpea-based options.
  • NURI MOM Tomato Soup (1000ml)

Order your NURI MOM Box now and experience a stress-free and healthy postpartum period.

Is this box a gift? If so, add your greeting to the comments section. Our boxes are shipped to you without an additional invoice.

These dishes stay fresh for a minimum of 3 months when stored in a cool, dark place.