NURI MOM Nursing Box

€55,90 EUR

Hey Mama,

Here comes your support for your breastfeeding journey. This box is designed to ensure you get the right nutrients and have quick solutions at your disposal. With our box, you don't need to plan, shop, or resort to unhealthy alternatives. Within minutes, you can enjoy our dishes, and thanks to our gentle preparation, all the meals stay fresh for several weeks.

Our ingredients are sourced locally, free from preservatives, and sugar-free. We're passionate about local cuisine and deliver it to your doorstep fully cooked.


  • NURI MOM Porridge (200g)

  • NURI MOM Kitchari Kit (200g)

  • 1x NURI MOM golden Tonic (500ml)

  • NURI MOM Borscht (720ml)

  • NURI MOM Lactation Ball Base (300g)

These dishes remain fresh for a minimum of 3 months when stored in a cool, dark place.