NURI MOM Tomato Soup

€13,90 EUR

Our tomato soup is a hit with even the littlest family members. You'll feel like you're enjoying a fresh tomato soup from a sweet stand at the market. Tomatoes are excellent sources of iron and packed with antioxidants.


Onion, garlic, carrots, dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, vegetable broth (celery, carrots, leek), almond milk, Himalayan salt.

Nutritional Information

Energy in kJ/kcal 137/33 Total Fat 2g of which Saturated Fat 0.3g Carbohydrates 4.1g of which Sugar 2.7g Protein 1.4g Salt 0.5g

These dishes stay fresh for a minimum of 3 months when stored in a cool, dark place.