Vegan Borscht

€12,90 EUR

Introducing our vegan Borscht, and we believe there's no better or more nourishing meal for your postpartum period. Vitamins of all kinds, warmth, and pleasant satisfaction – all delivered by a hearty portion of Borscht. But, of course, it's the taste that reigns supreme.

Ingredients: Vegetable broth (celery, carrot, leek), beets, buckwheat, carrot, fennel, bell pepper, potato, onion, leek, dill pickle, tomato paste, tomatoes, garlic, paprika powder, onion granules, fennel seeds, cumin, caraway, Himalayan salt.

Nutritional Information

Energy in kJ/kcal 121/29 Total Fat 0.1g of which Saturated Fat 0.03g Carbohydrates 5.6g of which Sugar 3.4g Protein 0.8g Salt 0.2g

These dishes stay fresh for a minimum of 3 months when stored in a cool, dark place.